The Tenancy Deposit Scheme has announced its API integration with EREC Estates Ltd, a property management company specialising in student accommodation investment and development.

The Objective of TDS API

This collaboration aims to simplify deposit protection and save valuable time for agents, making deposit management a more efficient process.

The primary objective of TDS API is to streamline the process of registering deposits. The challenge in the past was the duplication of deposit data from a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system onto a deposit scheme platform, which was a time-consuming process. However, TDS API has now resolved this issue by eliminating the need for manual data input, reducing administrative tasks, and saving precious time.

“This integration with TDS API not only enhances our work efficiency, saving time in the creation of TDS accounts and data entry, but also significantly reduces our error rates, allowing us to avoid the pitfalls of human error.” Comments EREC Estates Business Manager, Tom Li.

EREC Estates: A Pioneer in Property Management

EREC Estates, a collaboration between European Real Estate Company Ltd, led by Pan Rui and Trust Estates Ltd, led by Hon. William Cadogan, combines their expertise and offers investment advisory on real estate sectors, development and management services to clients from the UK and the Far East. With an exceptional team experienced in both UK and Chinese real estate industries, the company has strong ties to the education sector in both countries.

In 2016, EREC Estates launched UNINN®, a student accommodation brand that quickly gained traction.

Today, UNINN® operates numerous properties – totalling 1400 beds – in Coventry, Sheffield, Newcastle, and Leicester. They aim to provide students with accommodations with easy access to universities, social spaces and tenant communities, with exceptional service being their main focus.

Delivering Exceptional Services

Debbie Davies, Head of Sales and Client Success at TDS, shared her happiness regarding the integration. “We are so pleased to announce the successful integration of our API with EREC Estates” Debbie comments, “This efficient solution works seamlessly with our API software, enabling agents to devote more time to their primary business. EREC Estates Ltd and TDS share a common objective of delivering exceptional services to our customers, which makes our partnership ideal as we’re both committed to achieving it. Our integration is a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to make tenancy deposit management more efficient for everyone involved.”

Who Can Benefit?

The integration is now available to all TDS agent customers in both Custodial and Insured schemes. In addition, clients of EREC Estates Ltd can also take advantage of this streamlined approach to deposit management.

Is Your CRM Software Integrated With TDS API?

The API solution is available in our FREE Custodial deposit scheme and Insured deposit scheme, which offers the best rates on the market, and it’s easy to integrate; our tech team has created the API to embed in just a few steps.

Interested CRM providers can learn more about the integration process and added benefits on the TDS API information page.

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