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JoinTDS InsuredTDS CustodialJoin TDS Insured via NRLAJoin Custodial via NRLA
FEATURESTDS InsuredTDS Custodial - FreeTDS Insured for NRLA MembersTDS Custodial for NRLA Members
You hold the moneyYesNoYesNo
Repay the tenant directly at the end of the tenancyYesNoYesNo
TDS holds the moneyNoYesNoYes
Both parties contact TDS to release the depositNoYesNoYes
PRICE COMPARISONTDS InsuredTDS CustodialJoin TDS Insured via NRLADepositGuard Custodial for NRLA members
Deposit £499.99 and under£17.50 (inc VAT)FREE£13.20 (inc VAT)FREE
Deposit £500 and over£24.00 (inc VAT)FREE£17.95 (inc VAT)FREE

We offer the most competitive rates, without scrimping on service. But don’t just take our word for it!

  • Call iconCalls answered in 35 seconds
  • Call iconEmails answered in a few hours
  • Call iconAdjudication case studies
  • Call iconOne-to-one in-house training
  • Call iconRegular adjudication workshops
.TDSMy DepositsDPS
Initial response to helpline calls32 seconds63 seconds45 seconds
Average number of days taken to resolve disputes11 days14 days22 days

* average figures from MHCLG monthly statistics 31 March 2020 – 30 September 2020