The Tenancy Deposit Scheme, the leading provider of deposit protection services in the UK, has announced its API integration with 10ninety, a prominent prop-tech company specialising in cloud-based software and websites for estate and letting agents.

Streamline deposit registration

The TDS API solution revolutionises the way agents register deposits by eliminating the need for manual data input. Previously, agents had to duplicate deposit data from their CRM system onto a deposit scheme platform, resulting in a lengthy and repetitive process. With the TDS API integration, agents can seamlessly transfer deposit information with a simple click of a button.

This integration aims to streamline the deposit registration process, saving valuable time for agents and reducing administrative tasks.

10ninety: Efficient business management for agents

10ninety offers a comprehensive cloud-based software package that empowers agents to run their businesses more effectively. Their flexible management tools cover sales, lettings, marketing, and property management. With features like rent recording, generating tenancy agreements, electronic document signing, and maintenance job management, 10ninety simplifies the complexities of tenancy management.

Jonathan Freear, Director at 10ninety expressed their excitement about the integration, stating:

“We are delighted to release our latest integration with both the TDS Custodial and Insured schemes. It greatly benefits our mutual clients by replacing a manual, repetitive, and time-consuming process with a simple click of a button, saving agents’ valuable time and removing the need to dual key the same information again and again.”

Steve Harriott, Group CEO at TDS Group, also commented on the successful integration, saying:

“We are thrilled to announce that our API has been seamlessly integrated with 10ninety. This cutting-edge solution streamlines the deposit management process, freeing up agents’ time to focus on their core business. This integration is a huge step towards our goal of making deposit management more efficient for everyone involved”

Enhanced efficiency and reduced errors

The integration not only enhances work efficiency but also significantly reduces error rates, eliminating the pitfalls of human error. By automating the creation of TDS accounts and data entry, agents can focus on delivering exceptional services to their customers.

The TDS API and 10Ninety integration is available to all TDS agent customers, whether they are part of the TDS Custodial or Insured deposit protection schemes, as well as all clients of 10ninety. This partnership allows mutual clients to benefit from a more efficient and time-saving process, replacing manual and error-prone tasks with an automated solution.

For more information about TDS API and how to integrate it in three easy steps, visit the dedicated API homepage.

How to integrate with TDS API

TDS encourage letting agents to get in touch with us to integrate with TDS API.

“If a letting agent is interested in using this free time-saving solution, they can either contact their CRM provider to find out if they have already integrated with the TDS API, or check with us,” says Debbie Davies, Head of Sales and Client Success.

“The APIs have already been successfully implemented with CRM software providers in the UK and our highly skilled in-house technology team have created a simple four-step process to onboard new API partners quickly and efficiently.”

Interested CRM providers can find out more about the integration process and added benefits of the integration on the TDS API information page.

If you are a letting agent and want to find out more information on how the TDS APIs could help you, contact us today via email: or give us a call on 0300 037 1000.

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