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Guidance and forms relating to tenancy deposit protection and deposit disputes are available to download here.
You can also visit our Case Studies section to read examples of how we resolve tenancy deposit disputes
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  • Deposit Protection Guides
    Guidance on deposit protection
  • Deposit Dispute Guides
    Raising and responding to a dispute
  • Scheme Rules
    Rules of TDS
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  • Our guarantee of impartiality
    Our guarantee of impartiality

Deposit Protection Guides

An information leaflet on tenancy deposit protection which tenants must be given as part of prescribed information at the start of the tenancy.

Government advice for tenants on your rights and responsibilities

Government guidance - Model agreement for a shorthold tenancy

Top ten tips for tenants on your deposit

Deposits should be protected within 30 days. Read for our approach when this is not adhered to

Guidance on what to do if one of the parties cannot be contacted at the end of the tenancy

What needs to be done when sharers change

Deposit Dispute Guides

A guide to deposits disputes and damages: a comprehensive guide to deposit protection, written and published by all three of the schemes

A guide to product lifespans considered during adjudication

What happens to a deposit dispute once it has been sent to TDS

This is a detailed guide on how best to present your tenancy deposit dispute.

The adjudicator's approach when reaching an adjudication decision.

Photos and videos are a popular form of evidence, but often not approached correctly. Here is what TDS adjudicators need to see.

What TDS looks for in check in and check out reports, inventories, and schedules of condition

Our approach to unfair contract terms

This document explains what happens when the court is involved in a tenancy deposit dispute..

Scheme Rules

TDS Rules for the Independent Resolution of Deposit Disputes