The Tenancy Deposit Scheme has announced its seamless integration with Dwellant, a leading cloud-based property management platform.

Deposit registrations in just one click

The integration of TDS API with Dwellant offers agents the convenience of registering deposits with just one click. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving time, reducing duplication of work, and minimising human error. The deposit data is automatically transferred from Dwellant’s platform to the deposit scheme, compatible with both TDS Custodial and TDS Insured.

Enhancing Property Management with Dwellant Suite

Dwellant has set the bar high with its everything-in-the-cloud platform, explicitly designed to transform the way agents manage properties. The platform allows Property Managers and On-Site Teams can seamlessly share tasks and updates, raise and manage work orders and interact with contractors, all while providing transparent, relevant and instant communications and updates to everyone involved.

Additionally, using Dwellant’s AI technology, supplier invoices can be auto-approved and fed directly into your accounting package for payment processing.

Integrated Platform for Lettings Agents and Tenants

Lettings agents can make the most of Dwellant’s platform by adding and market their properties, manage landlords, tracking viewings, handle right-to-rent and credit referencing. Agents can also go paper free with digital AST agreements and signatures.

For residents and tenants, Dwellant offers an interactive community where they can access personalised building and property documents, communicate, and raise maintenance issues. They can also access resident guides, personal documents and finances, all through secure building and tenant portals.

Through Dwellant’s integrated and open approach, the solution connects everyone involved in your journey to one easy-to-use, collaborative, integrated and secure platform.

Streamlining Deposits with TDS-Dwellant Integration

Debbie Davies, Head of Sales and Client Success at TDS, expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “The start of a tenancy can be admin heavy for letting agents, and TDS has continually sought to simplify life for agents, landlords, and tenants by utilising the most recent technology. This collaboration with Dwellant and the TDS APIs will provide agents with an easy-to-use solution to streamline their deposit protection”.

Echoing the sentiment, Karl Lewis, Commercial Director at Dwellant, said, “We’re committed to continuous innovation in the PRS to help improve performance and efficiency through seamless processes, so we’re thrilled to offer this new functionality to our customers. Our partnership with the TDS means deposit protection is effortless and your new tenants can pay their deposits directly through your system, making the whole process simpler and faster than ever before.”

If you want to learn how Dwellant can save you time and money, visit their website for more information.

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The integration of TDS API with Dwellant is another leap forward in property management solutions, promising efficiency and streamlined operations.

If you’re interested in learning more about the TDS API or integrating your bespoke software with the TDS APIs, click [here]

Is your CRM software integrated with TDS API?

The API is available in our FREE Custodial deposit Scheme and Insured deposit scheme, which offers the best rates on the market, and it’s easy to integrate; our tech team has created the API to embed in just a few steps.

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