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Those of you that attended the NALS 2011 conference will remember the presentation on the importance of social media given by Nick Tadd of Property Tribes. You may or may not have noticed that he was one of the only speakers at the conference not to use PowerPoint or any kind of visual aids. Isn’t it a bit self-defeating to preach the necessity of digital media to businesses with the most technologically basic presentation of the day?

 No. I think it actually sums up his argument perfectly. If you can engage with people just by talking, why bother with PowerPoint? Technology shouldn’t be used for its own sake but with specific objectives in mind, so when you have over 2,600 members and resolve nearly 1000 disputes each month as TDS does, digital media is a fantastic way to talk, to listen, and to share information with all involved.


This is why we are developing our use of social media. We’ve been working hard over the past year to improve the service TDS provides; by opening up new channels of communication we can keep you better informed of what is happening here, and you will have more opportunities to question, comment on, and scrutinise what we are doing.

Alex Britchfield (Deputy Independent Case Examiner) and Michael Jones (Member Relations Assistant) talking with delegates at the NALS 2011 conference

We also know that awareness of deposit protection is still far too low. We have already made our literature more user-friendly and key documents are certified by the Plain Language Commission for the Clear English Standard. By being more proactive in our communication we can better inform tenants and landlords of their rights and responsibilities before the need for dispute resolution even arises. As a not for profit organisation, this is in everyone’s interest.

 So please follow the blog; you can keep up to date with the events we will be appearing at, and members of staff from across TDS will be giving regular insights into what they are doing and what’s happening in the industry. You can follow our tweets @TenancyDeposits and a LinkedIn group for property professionals will be launched next week.


Posted by Chris Kendall on 18 October 2011

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