East Looks West at TDS

Two Japanese University professors have been half way round the world to learn how specialist services help the UK property market. One of the first calls for Professor Hiroko Saito and Professor Yasuhiko Nakajima was at the Tenancy Deposit Scheme to learn about the safety of deposits and Alternative Dispute Resolution.


Pictured with Acting Head of Adjudication for the TDS, Mike Morgan, the visiting professors were from the Faculty of Estate Sciences at Meikai University, the only Japanese university to run property courses.

Explained Mike Morgan, "Our visitors were keen to learn the role and function of tenancy deposit protection, and other specialist property services, such as solicitors and surveyors. It seems that in the UK we have a more sophisticated framework for the property market than is currently the case in Japan. I hope we gave them plenty to think through when they get home."

4th October 2010

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