Deposit Disputes - The Stories Behind the Resolution

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme has published a series of case studies, selected at random, into disputes between landlords and tenants over deposit monies due. These studies have been undertaken to underline the dual role of tenancy deposit protection that has been a legal requirement since April 2007. It involves both the safeguarding of money and dispute resolution at no cost to tenants.

More than half of all disputes, 52%, sent to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme involve cleaning. Over a third, 45%, are occasioned by damage and in over 25% of all cases by the need for redecoration. Problems over gardening arise in 13% of all disputes. However, the amounts involved tend to be little more than half the total deposit. The average amount of a deposit covered by the Scheme is £1,079 and the average disputed amount is £601.

Using these averages, typically the landlord was awarded £252 and the tenant £256.

Commented Lawrence Greenberg, Chief Executive of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, "This is a very clear indication of impartiality. It also demonstrates how very important it is that all parties understand from the outset what is meant by clean, and by cleaning. I hope that by publishing these case studies people might gain a better understanding of this and the other common causes of dispute."

Since April 2007, the Tenancy Deposit Scheme has resolved 3,567 disputes and at the end of January, the Scheme was safeguarding £757 million in deposits, covering 768,171 tenancies.

Added Lawrence Greenberg, "We believe it is important that landlords, tenants and agents understand what can lead to deposit disputes. It is to this end that we have published these typical examples of landlords and tenants being unable to resolve their differences."

To view the case studies click here.

16th February 2009

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