Who does The Renting Homes Wales Act (RHWA) apply to?

The Renting Homes Wales Act (RHWA) applies to almost all rented properties in the private and social sectors. It will affect any property rented on Assured Shorthold Tenancies (”ASTs”) and will also affect properties let on residential licences. It also picks up all other tenancy types under the Housing Act 1988 such as Assured Tenancies and Assured Agricultural Occupancies. The RHWA does not have high or low rent exceptions so will pick up tenancies that currently fall outside the Housing Act 1988. It will not affect very old rentals, which are subject to the Rent Act 1977 or lettings to companies. The legislation affects tenancies immediately. So all ASTs and other tenancies or licences that are within its scope will automatically convert on 1 December 2022 to become contracts under RHWA. These are called converted contracts within the RHWA. However, the law applying to converted contracts will change considerably on 1 December 2022. There are transitional provisions in place to allow for changes to be made over time, but many of these only apply for a limited period and once that period is ended, landlords will be in breach of the RHWA. New tenancies and residential licences granted after 1 December 2022 will fall within the scope of the RHWA and will need to comply with it from the outset.