What happens when I raise a dispute?

If all the parties agree to TDS resolving the dispute, TDS will appoint an impartial adjudicator to make a legally binding decision, normally within 28 days of receiving the parties’ consent and evidence. If one of the parties does not reply to our notification, they are treated as consenting. In all these cases, the adjudicator will normally make a decision based on the evidence received within 28 days after the deadline for giving evidence.

In TDS Insured, the disputed amount must be paid to TDS to hold during the dispute resolution process, and any undisputed amount repaid to the tenant. When adjudication is complete, TDS will pay the money to the parties according to the decision of the adjudicator.

In TDS Custodial, TDS already holds the deposit. We will pay the undisputed amounts to the parties in accordance with the landlord/agent and tenant’s instructions, and hold on to the disputed amount until a decision has been made by the adjudicator.