What do I have to do when one tenant moves out and another is replacing them? 

Under TDS custodial, if one tenant has moved out, and another tenant is moving in, you will need to initiate a Tenancy Changeover. This process can be actioned via the custodial website.  To do this, please action the following steps:

  • log into your account 
  • select “deposit management” 
  • “Deposits held by scheme”
  • “view/edit” (on relevant tenancy) 
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the “tenant changeover” option.

Select this and make sure that the lead tenant is set as the tenant who will stay in the tenancy, whilst the joint tenant is the one who will leave (outgoing tenant). Select the joint tenant and then state how much of the deposit they are entitled to claim (if any). 

Once you have submitted this, the outgoing tenant will need to log into their account and respond to the tenancy changeover, stating that they agree to it. Once the outgoing tenant has agreed to the changeover, you will then be asked to log back into your account and complete the changeover. If the outgoing tenant is entitled to any of the deposit, we will make payment to them within the following 5 working days. 

Upon accessing your account again, you will then have the option to add a new tenant (incoming tenant) and any updated deposit amount as per the new tenancy agreement.