What evidence should I submit?

For detailed information read our guide ‘How to present your case to the TDS adjudicator’. This can be found under the heading Help Centre on our website. Click on ‘Guides’

The adjudicator works on the basis that the deposit is the tenant’s money, and will only award money to landlords and agents if the evidence provided justifies that claim.

Documentary evidence is usually essential to prove a case, such as:

  • Tenancy agreement – this sets out the obligations of both parties and is essential for any case.
  • Check-in report and/or inventory – to show the property’s condition at the start of the tenancy.
  • Check-out report – to show the condition of the property at the end of the tenancy – photographs or videos used in conjunction with an inventory to support the condition of items in the property.
  • Rent statement to show what the tenant paid, for what periods of time and what is owed.
  • Estimates – to show the approximate cost of carrying out work/replacing things. The more detail, the better.
  • Quotes – to show the quoted cost of carrying out work or replacing things.
  • Invoices – to show the cost paid/to be paid for carrying out work/replacing things.
  • Receipts – to show the cost that the landlord or agent has paid out.