How do I raise a dispute?

You are able to raise a dispute by firstly ending the protection yourself via your online account. Please login with your username and the password and take the following steps:

  • Locate the deposit protection that you wish to close down and select ‘End Tenancy’
  • Select Dispute followed by submit

You need to give us details about your claim and the supporting documents you want the adjudicator to consider via the online portal, we do not accept evidence by email.

We will make the information you do send us available to the tenant(s), and ask the lead tenant to give us their response to the claim and any supporting documents they want the adjudicator to consider.

Please note that the case will only move to evidence review after the deadline has passed. If you have uploaded your evidence prior to the deadline, no action will be taken until the deadline has expired.

Accessing the online evidence portal

  • To access the online portal and view the submission already received, to submit your bank details or to submit your evidence please follow the steps listed below:
  • Go to
  • Enter your case sensitive TDS Tenancy Certificate Code, starting DfU*******, to display your “Tenancy Summary”.
  • Scroll down and click the red “Review Dispute” button. You will need to either sign in using your existing log in details if you have previously created an account with us or create an account using an email address and password of your choice.

From this screen you will then be able to:

Review the dispute application and any responses submitted.

Provide your response to the dispute. Please check any evidence you upload to the portal to ensure that all of your evidence has uploaded correctly.

Please note we do require your bank details even if you are not expecting an award.

 What documents should I submit?

Listed below are some examples of evidence which the adjudicator will find useful. This list is not exhaustive – we recommend that you also look at the guidance on our website to understand how the adjudicator will look at the dispute:

  • tenancy agreement;
  • inventory and schedule of condition for the start of the tenancy (signed copy if available);
  • checkout inventory and schedule of condition for the end of the tenancy (signed copy if available);
  • a statement showing rent due and received and any periods for which rent was not paid (if your claim includes unpaid rent);
  • any estimates, invoices and receipts in support of the amounts claimed from the deposit;
  • copies of any relevant correspondence, including emails;
  • property visit reports or contractors’ reports;
  • photographs and videos – for more information see our Guide to using photographs videos and DVDs;
  • vacating instructions.

TDS will not generally contact the parties for additional information, so it is important that you give us anything you wish us to consider now.

Paying the disputed deposit to TDS

As the deposit holder you must send us this money within 10 days as required by the tenancy deposit legislation.

Please quote the TDSN reference number TDSN23- as your bank reference as this will help us allocate your payment when it arrives into our bank account.

Please confirm when you will be sending the disputed deposit amount. If you have already sent this to us please confirm when you sent this and let us have any relevant payment details.

Please email all remittances relating to disputed deposits to