Ending a protection

You are able to end the protection yourself via the website where there is no dispute between tenant and landlord about the release of the deposit monies.

Please login using your username and the password that you would have created when you registered with us.

  • Once logged in, locate the tenancy record that you wish to close down and click on ‘End Tenancy.’
  • Select ‘No Dispute’. The following page will ask how the deposit was released.
  • Enter the amount of the deposit paid to the tenant, if any, and enter the date the money was paid.
  • Enter the amounts paid to the landlord and letting agent, if any, and enter the date, as per the date the tenant was paid, in both the landlord and agent boxes requesting a date.
  • The amount paid to all of the parties must add up to the deposit amount.
  • Enter the dates in the ‘Tenancy End Date’ and the ‘Deposit Protection end date’.
  • Click on Submit.

This will go into the archive section overnight.

You should therefore wait until you and the tenant have agreed to the deductions before you end the tenancy on the system, as it will ask how much deposit was released to each party.