Revealed: when tenants search for a home

So you’ve just put your property on the market, but when will people be enquiring and asking to come for viewings?

James Davis UpadResearch published recently by Upad reveal that Saturday is the most popular day for viewings, some 82% of those who took part said, followed by Sundays (72%) and weekday evenings (50%).

Times when viewings are least popular include weekday morning and afternoons which only 20% said would be an ideal viewing time.
But the survey also reveals when tenants are most likely to send an email or make a phone call about a property.

A third of enquiries are made outside of office hours fairly constantly between 8pm and midnight, Upad has found, presumably as tenants finish dinner and then settle down to a night of home hunting.

But Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes are the daytime ‘spikes’ for enquiries to landlords as, during their mid-day break, tenants set up viewings for that week.

James Davis, CEO and Founder of Upad, says it is crucial that landlords reply quickly to enquiries and that “as these results show, with people’s lives busier than ever, landlords need to be flexible about showing their properties to suit the tenant,” he says.

“Even though there are few things more important than finding somewhere to live, this has to fit in with other commitments and engagements, not the other way around.

The popularity of Saturdays and Sundays shows the continuing benefit of taking an ‘open house’ approach. We often recommend this as a prospective tenant is also likely to have a little more time at the weekend and most properties look better in the daylight. If you like the sound of a tenant, let them lead you as much as possible however. Remember they’re you’re customer at the end of the day.”

James Davis is the founder and CEO of Upad

*Upad received 278 responses to their survey, which took place in July 2013.

Posted by James Davis, CEO of Upad on 1 May 2014

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