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Heavyweight deposit dispute! Damage to the gym floor...

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*The Adjudication Digest takes a recent decision by a TDS Adjudicator and sets out the reasoning behind the decision. The aim of these Digest reports is to help tenants, landlords and agents better understand how we make our adjudication decisions. The names of the landlords and tenants involved have been removed and this is only...

Posted by Michael Morgan, Director of Dispute Resolution on 28 August 2015


Offsetting the cost of deposit protection; where to draw the line?

A provocative discussion was brought to the fore last week regarding the cost implications of deposit protection, an emotive topic which incites recurrent queries from tenants, landlords and agents alike.

Posted by Ben Beadle on 24 August 2015


A Time for Change, a Time for Training

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The start of September is traditionally the ‘back to school’ period and I always think of it as a time of new beginnings.

Posted by Tessa Shepperson, LandlordLaw on 18 August 2015


Is prescribed information really that important?

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If you are a landlord there are over 100 pieces of legislation which might affect you, according to the Residential Landlords Association[[sitetree_link id=]].

Posted by on 13 August 2015