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Renewing deposit protection and issuing Prescribed Information

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A few questions have been raised on the Property 118 forum concerning how deposit protection comes to an end. Some comments on the site have caused some TDS members to become unnecessarily concerned that deposits may become unprotected without them knowing - we seek to clarify some of those comments.

Posted by Ben Beadle on 21 December 2012


TDS Academy - Interview with Property Tribes

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This week we held the last TDS Academy of 2012 and we were delighted to be joined by Vanessa Warwick and Nick Tadd from Property Tribes. Mike Morgan, Head of Adjudication, gave Vanessa a few pieces of key advice which landlords should keep in mind from the start of the tenancy to avoid problems at the end....

Posted by Chris Kendall on 14 December 2012


Getting the notice right

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  Mike Morgan, TDS Head of Adjudication Mike Morgan, TDS Head of Adjudication

Posted by Michael Morgan, TDS Head of Adjudication on 7 December 2012