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Monkey Business in the Garden

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Do your tenants ever give you problems with gorillas in the garden? Probably not.  Disputes involving gardens appear in a little over 10% of disputes - and even fewer involve gorillas! Nonetheless they do occur, as in this recent adjudication…

Posted by Chris Kendall on 30 April 2012


Localism has arrived and there's 30 days to act

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It's here! Section 184 of the Localism Act has now come into force as of 6th April 2012. 

Posted by Chris Kendall on 6 April 2012


Can pictures replace the written word?

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According to Pat Barber of the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks[] (AIIC) “a glossy inventory that relies heavily on photographs will be of little use in a dispute.”

Posted by Chris Kendall on 2 April 2012