The year ahead for PRS and deposit protection

  *Just a few weeks in to 2012 and several studies and surveys have been published predicting some new trends and attitudes in the private rented sector. Although TDS may not feel the impact in the short term, there are things which everyone in the PRS should be mindful of. *

Posted by Chris Kendall on 19 January 2012


Tenancy Deposit protection to cover the United Kingdom

It is likely that in 2013 tenancy deposit protection legislation will be in place to cover the whole of the UK.  In 2007 tenancy deposit schemes were introduced in England and Wales and now successfully cover over £2m tenancies in the private rented sector.

Posted by Steve Harriott, CEO on 8 December 2011


The Localism Act: Long awaited clarity in deposit protection law

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Prof Martin Partington The Localism Bill became the Localism Act on 15 November 2011. In all the exciting stuff about the transfer of powers from central to local government, there is one section – 184 – which is of direct interest to all of us involved in the operation of the Tenancy Deposit schemes.

Posted by Prof Martin Partington, Chairman TDS on 1 December 2011


Deposits - What the Private Landlords Survey Tells Us


I have just been reading in detail the Private Landlords Survey (2010) published by the Department of Communities and Local Government. This is a survey of landlords and lettings agents who own and/or manage privately rented properties in England.  Its aim is to provide a snap-shot of the composition and experience of landlords and how...

Posted by Steve Harriott on 23 November 2011


The quiet increase of the Welsh AST threshold

The AST threshold in Wales will increase to £100k p.a on December 1st.

Posted by Alex Britchfield, Deputy Independent Case Examiner on 7 November 2011


Why self regulation just won't work

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  *"In an era when young kids get sent to jail for stealing a t-shirt and MPs get imprisoned for fiddling their expenses what makes fraudulent lettings agents get away with a smack on the hand? Self regulation just won't work."*

Posted by Steve Harriott on 26 October 2011


Welcome to the new Tenancy Deposit Scheme blog

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Those of you that attended the NALS 2011 conference[] will remember the presentation on the importance of social media given by Nick Tadd of Property Tribes. You may or may not have noticed that he was one of the only speakers at the conference not to use PowerPoint or any kind of visual aids. Isn’t...

Posted by Chris Kendall on 18 October 2011


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