TDS Moving Ahead

The wide ranging review carried out by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme since the beginning of the year has led to improved methods for resolving tenancy deposit disputes. These, coupled to the return of a small number of external adjudicators, have already achieved a rate of over 80% of all disputes being resolved within four weeks. As a result of these changes, 1,123 disputes were resolved in May and 1,582 had already been resolved by the time of the June Board meeting last week.

The successful speed up in dispute resolution comes from new methods that ensure that the way cases are examined is proportionate to their complexity and value, instead of using the one-size-fits-all methods of before. "This has led directly to the improvement in the quality and quantity of adjudication and has helped with monitoring the consistency of our decision making," said Michael Morgan, Acting Head of Adjudication at TDS.

The new methods and the results will be subject to audit in the autumn.

Together with the new methods for dispute resolution, the return to using external adjudicators to back-up the in-house team provides extra dedicated and flexible resources. This enables TDS to meet the constant variations in demand on the system and is expected to ensure the continuing efficiency of dispute resolution.

The TDS Board also heard that decisions about a new Chief Executive and the User Group should be finalised by the end of the summer.

"I believe the first months of this financial year have been very productive and auger well for cost effectiveness, user satisfaction and the future of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme," commented Chairman Martin Partington.

30th June 2010

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