How to I begin the process to get my deposit back?

TDS Insured

TDS is an insurance based tenancy deposit scheme which means that TDS does not hold your deposit – your landlord or letting agent does, and this will be detailed in your tenancy agreement.

Please contact your agent or landlord, at the end of the tenancy, to discuss this matter.

If your tenancy has come to an end, TDS will continue to protect your deposit for a further three months from the end of the tenancy.

This is the timeframe for which you have to raise a dispute, should there be any issues with the return of your deposit.

Please try to resolve any matters with your landlord or agent before raising a dispute.

TDS Custodial

If your tenancy has ended and you are looking to reclaim your deposit, you will need to raise a repayment request with us as the Lead Tenant.  Simply log in as you normally would and select the “request repayment of deposit” option. You do not raise a dispute as your deposit is held with us. 

You will need to ask for a certain amount to go yourself and a certain amount to go to your landlord/agent (if any) for reasons such as damages, rent arrears, redecoration, etc. 

You will also need to state when the tenancy ended and input your bank details (if you haven’t already done so). 

Once submitted, your agent/landlord will have up to 30 working days to respond. If they agree, we will make payment accordingly, within the following 5 working days. If they disagree, we will then move the case onto our self-resolution period where we ask the parties to try and negotiate to resolve the dispute. If they cannot do so, we will move the evidence onto our dispute process if both parties decide to use our free adjudication service compared to going through the courts.